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Making Trust My Garage a household name

Trust My Garage case study

There are now so many garage schemes available to motorists in the UK that a recognised nationwide consumer scheme is in danger of losing its appeal. When Bridge PR & Media Services won a competitive pitch for providing PR services that would help make independent garage scheme Trust My Garage become a household name, they knew that it would have to appeal widely to consumers and remind them why this particular scheme is so important.

Bridge was always best placed to find success with Trust My Garage. With a long history working with similar garage schemes we knew the market well and were quickly able to identify Trust My Garage’s space in the consumer market. As a truly independent scheme for independent garages, it offered new hope to motorists. There was no commercial influence like that which exists with similar schemes and its member inclusion was not so varied as to make it unfocused. This really was the garage scheme that consumers could trust and we quickly devised an initial six-month PR and communications strategy.


  • To develop an effective strategic marketing communications plan
  • Raise the profile of Trust My Garage as an independent garage scheme consumers can trust, throughout the UK
  • Demonstrate the high standards of independent garages that Trust My Garage represents
  • Make Trust My Garage a household name
  • Demonstrate to consumers the wide choice they have when it comes to servicing their vehicles. 

Results and benefits:

  • Over £80,000 of national and regional consumer press coverage
  • Over 4,500 Youtube views
  • Hundreds of new Twitter followers and Facebook likes throughout a six-month period
  • Consistent visibility through low cost, high impact advertising


Download PDF Case Study.

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