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Design innovators, Smallfry set to showcase new ‘Aeolos’ search and rescue drone at Engineering Design Show 2017

04 October 2017

Tickets are selling fast for the UK’s largest design and engineering exhibition being held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry next month. Given the ingenuity and spectacle of some of the products and concepts on offer, it’s little wonder the event is nearly sold out.  However, among all of these feats of engineering, one idea could prove to be a game changer when it comes to search and rescue operations following large scale disasters. That idea is the aptly named Aeolos drone, designed and developed by the talented folks at Smallfry.

Aeolos, named after the God of Winds, is an ambitious and innovative new personal transportation unit that uses advanced drone technology to save lives. Drone technology has seen a surge of interest in recent years in sectors like insurance and risk assessment, allowing operators to get incredibly detailed feedback from areas that would be too risky for humans to access. Aeolos promises to take this technology not one step further, but several, allowing large payloads of supplies to be delivered as well as the ability to rescue people from seemingly inaccessible areas. When the human risk of sending in helicopters, boats or fire engines is too high, Aeolos can step in. With floods, hurricanes and typhoons on the rise, as well as the vulnerabilities and hazards now starting to show in many high rise buildings, technology like the Aeolos drone could already be saving lives. The Torch Tower in Dubai has had two major fire incidents; one in 2015 and more recently in 2017. Could Aeolos have made a difference?

The concept for the personal transportation unit, Aeolos, has been created and developed by Smallfry and its team of experienced designers and innovators who pride themselves on pushing ideas beyond their limits. With over 40 years in the industry, they’ve pioneered concepts in the medical, industrial and consumer sectors, and have appeared on shows like Tomorrow’s World and The Gadget Show.  Smallfry CEO, Steve May-Russell, talked of the ‘magic’ inherent in technology, and the constant need to innovate, surprise and challenge in order to raise the bar and capture people’s imagination. When asked about Smallfry’s inspiration behind Aeolos, he commented: “When others ask ‘why?’, we simply ask, ‘why not?’”

The Aeolos proof of concept will be showcased at the Engineering Design Show 2017, where there will no doubt be a surge of interest from all those interested in projects that push the boundaries of design and engineering into new and interesting places. Eyes on the skies.