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Smallfry partner with Quanta to produce innovative home dialysis machine for launch in 2018

22 June 2018

Day to day life can be extremely difficult for those who need regular haemodialysis treatment in order to survive. According to Kidney Research UK, in the UK alone over 3 million lives are at risk from Chronic Kidney Disease, with diabetes and high blood pressure being the two largest contributing factors.


Quanta, a pioneering medical devices company, is constantly striving to improve the lives of those people who rely on haemodialysis, and with the help of design and innovation experts Smallfry, they’ve managed a major breakthrough.


Smallfry worked with Quanta Dialysis Technologies to produce the all new SC+ personal haemodialysis system which is set for market launch next year. It represents an enormous breakthrough for anyone in need of dialysis, enabling flexible home treatment without the need to drive to hospital or be hooked up to a machine for 4 hours a day. With the SC+ system, patients can administer their own treatment in the comfort of their own home, in some cases getting the treatment they need overnight while they sleep. This is a potentially life-changing innovation that could not only free up hours of time that would otherwise be spent in hospital, but give patients a completely new lease of life.


Managing Director at Smallfry, Steve May-Russell, said the project was something very close to his and his team’s heart:


“We noticed what Quanta were doing a few years ago and instantly wanted to be involved. We could see the potential life-changing benefits of their ideas and wanted to do everything possible to help bring them to fruition. This new cartridge based home dialysis system will revolutionise dialysis treatment and give patients a completely new lease of life.


As well as being mobile, lightweight and extremely easy to use, the SC+ also introduces state-of-the-art technology enhancements such as high resolution screens and touchscreen functionality, making it a truly digital product fit for the modern age of healthcare.


Dr Charlotte Bebb, Consultant Nephrologist at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and Principal Investigator, said:

“The patients who have been treated in Quanta’s pilot studies thus far have been extremely positive about their experience with SC+. In order to improve patient outcomes and experiences while on dialysis, I think it is necessary to give patients and clinicians greater flexibility and control of their own treatment. I believe SC+ has the potential to significantly improve the way haemodialysis patients are currently treated.”


The team at Smallfry have certainly given their all to the task, and are confident the work will be the start of a long and successful partnership with Quanta. May-Russell said:


“We’re proud of Quanta and what we’ve achieved together and long may our partnership continue. We’ll support Quanta in any way we can and will continue to over deliver at every turn.”


Quanta has now carried out an extensive pilot study which included over 1,100 successful patient treatments at four different NHS trusts throughout the UK. The pioneering home dialysis kit should be ready for commercial launch as soon as 2018.