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Engineering PR

Engineering PR that is precision engineered to hit your target audiences.

The UK has a strong and proud heritage of engineering excellence. And as a nation, we continue to lead the world with engineering design and innovation. But what a lot of engineering companies don't do is shout about their achievements. The design engineers we have worked with over the years are brilliant at what they do, but often need help telling others about it. Which is where Bridge PR comes in. We have helped some of the world's best kept secrets to raise their profile and increase their brand presence in their target markets through engineering PR.

How have we achieved this? By understanding what makes our engineering sectors so great, and understanding how engineers and design engineers work. And we know that most people are interested in new designs, innovative thinking and products that help make their lives better, easier, more functional, and more exciting. That's the easy part - finding the engaging stories that all engineering companies have. What we then do is craft these stories into newsworthy articles and thought leadership pieces - after all innovators are thought leaders - you are the experts in what you do and you just need to let the world know. The next stage is to look at your target audiences, and we then work closely with you to create cohesive campaigns that hit these targets and make them sit up and take notice. 

But we offer more than just getting your stories out there and raising your profile. It is our mission to add value to engineering businesses from SMEs to large OEMs. We understand the engineering sector and have a lot of knowledge and expertise whether it's helping you to understand and talk about servitization, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, connected factories or any of the other myriad current trends in manufacturing and engineering. We have spent years developing our relationships and affiliations in your sector. We are members of the EEF, the MTA and the Manufacturing Co-operative and we have strong links with the Warwick Manufacturing Group, the Manufacturing Technology Centre, the Advanced Services Group at Aston University. Whatever help and support your engineering business needs, we can help. Whether that's through directly engaging our services or whether we just point you in the right direction for business support, talk to us first.

If you haven't used engineering PR effectively before, or you've had a bad experience with agencies that don't understand your sectors or your markets, then talk to us and try something different. You can trial our services if you like, or we can design a series of longer term campaigns with you that will help you to achieve your business goals - to grow and become a brand presence in your markets. Whatever your budget, we can craft campaigns to suit you and your business needs.

Contact us today for an informal discussion about how Bridge PR & Media Services can really help your business to grow through increased visibility.