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Technology PR

Working in a smart and connected way to help you to increase your technology brand presence

With technology and automation increasing at a rapid pace, it's little wonder that businesses in most sectors find it difficult to keep up. Not only in implementing new technologies, but also in working out what's best for them, and even simply understanding all the new key trends and buzzwords.

If you're a technology business, you may be ahead of the game in understanding the latest developments, tech apps, innovations, software products, and so on, but your sectors might be having trouble keeping up.

In the technology sector, PR and marketing covers many strands. There is the aspect of telling your audiences about your business and its products, but more than this there is the education content that's needed to help keep your audiences up to date on the latest software developments, tech innovations, and, perhaps more importantly, what this means to customers in terms of the benefits to their businesses. Will your technology help them to reduce costs, reduce their carbon footprint, increase efficiencies, increase productivity, streamline processes, facilitate innovation and collaboration? The list is endless.  And it's our job to help you to add value to your customers' business and thus add value to your own business.

Over the years, we have worked with technology companies providing ERP solutions, Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software tools, mobile and communications technologies, 3D printing technologies, sofware development, etc. Our writers and account managers have spent time working in these industries and they understand the impact that new and advanced technologies have on different sectors whether this is manufacturing, engineering, retail, medical technologies, supply chain and logistics, construction and so on.  

If you run a technology or software development business, then talk to us about how we can help you to increase your market presence and brand profile as well as helping you to educate your audiences through thought leadership and providing key information across the different media channels. 

Contact us today for an informal discussion about how Bridge PR & Media Services can really help your business to grow through increased visibility.