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PR Services

Traditional Public Relations or PR

Traditional PR is still very much alive and kicking, especially in the more technical and traditional sectors such as aviation, automotive, engineering, IT, logistics and manufacturing.  These are the sectors where people still like to read trade press and magazines.  And it is an area where we excel.  We have over 20 years of solid media relations within the trade press, and we consistently get great coverage for our clients. Our team is comprised of qualified and experienced journalists who understand how the press like to receive and run their news.

But traditional public relations is more than trade press.  It also covers local, regional and national newspapers, as well as broadcast media, and discuss with you the best press to target for each individual campaign.

Whatever your story, we will place it in the most appropriate media which is aimed at the most relevant target audiences.

Digital PR

The whole world has migrated online. The way we consume media has changed drastically in the past few years, with more channels opening up all the time. Digital PR can take a number of different formats from press releases and articles that are published in online newsrooms to newsworthy video content, ebooks, and infographics.  Many trade press and business magazines also have daily or weekly bulletins and newsletters that they send out to their subscribers.  We understand the digital media world, and we work hard to get your stories the best digital exposure in the right channels.

Case Studies

The humble case study continues to be one of the best ways of conveying the key benefits and solutions of your products and services.  This is one area of PR that has benefited from the digital revolution as case studies provide rich content that can increase your company’s visibility enormously.  They are also a great tool for your sales team to use when talking to prospects, offering real life examples of exactly what it is your business does.


Thought leadership is a phrase that has experienced a massive explosion in the Information Age. With everyone now having the technology available to be able to write about their experiences and publicise what they do, it means anyone can become an expert in their field. Taking this a step further for your business, a series of whitepapers will really bring this expertise to the fore, and they are a really effective marketing tool, especially if you are able to convey information that is original, thought-provoking and highly informative. Our expert researchers and writers can produce whitepapers that will also stand the test of time. 


Managing a regular blog is another great way of demonstrating your industry expertise as well as providing content that is informative and entertaining that can be shared with your target audiences. The Information Age is very much a social one, and readers like content that offers them new insights or helps them to resolve an issue or problem.  Or it could just simply offer them useful tips and advice.  By being a sharing organisation, you are more likely to attract the audiences you want, and thus the customers you want.  And remember that your content marketing strategy will help you to turn your press releases into blog material after some careful crafting and editing of the tone and style of the piece.  

These days SEO is all about fresh, new content, and by hosting a blog on your website and posting regular content, you are giving Google something new to scan on a regular basis, which will help to boost your website up its search engine rankings.

Media Relations

Getting our clients’ stories placed in targeted newspapers, websites, newsletters and magazines is our speciality. We are a firm of writers and journalists with decades of experience of promoting products and services in local and regional newspapers through to national and international trade and technical magazines.

We have wide experience and knowledge of all forms of  public relations in a number of vertical market sectors.

Our specialist industries cover IT/Aerospace/Airports/Automotive & the Aftermarket. We know these sectors extremely well, having worked within them for well over 20 years and pro-actively help our clients gain excellent levels of press coverage and profiles in the leading publications. We have spent years developing good relationships with press in these industries and are often called upon to provide articles or comment on behalf of our clients.

Our company ethos involves adding value to our clients’ businesses wherever possible and providing SMEs with the business support they need.

That’s why we’re a provider for numerous business support agencies and funding bodies across the UK, who help organisations to grow by providing them with grant-funded business support and consultancy. They include:

We also work with Local Enterprise Partnerships, Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), the EEF, Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA), Advanced Services Group at Aston University and The Manufacturing Technology Centre, where our MD, Denise Taylor, is an Associate Consultant.

We’re members of the EEF and Cranfield Manufacturing Co-operative and work collaboratively with the Rail Alliance and Midlands Aerospace Alliance.

If you’re an SME interested in finding out more about the range of business support we provide, contact us on 02476 520 025 or email Denise Taylor at