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Do you want to convert your web traffic?

Are you trying to drive more people to your website and more importantly, keep them there?

At Bridge, we recognise that content marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand when it comes to building an audience for your company’s website.

Once a visitor arrives at your website, you have a great opportunity to develop a relationship with someone who shares similar interests, so offering valuable content is critical - and this goes far beyond web content. On many websites, content is static and rarely changes so once a visitor reaches your site and leaves again, they have little reason to return to check out your products and services a second time, or pick up the phone with an enquiry.

But what if you were consistently offering new content? What if you had a news section that was regularly updated? What if you were uploading regular case studies from your happy clients about how useful your products and services are. What if your website included a blog with well informed, educational and useful posts for your web visitors?

Turning your static website into a dynamic content portal and implementing an industry specialist SEO strategy are very effective ways of engaging with existing visitors, and reaching new ones. Make sure when someone visits your website, they remember it and return to make an enquiry about working with you.

Here's how our packages can help you turn web visitors into customers, from as little as £1,000 per month.



Our company ethos involves adding value to our clients’ businesses wherever possible and providing SMEs with the business support they need.

That’s why we’re a provider for numerous business support agencies and funding bodies across the UK, who help organisations to grow by providing them with grant-funded business support and consultancy. They include:

We also work with Local Enterprise Partnerships, Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), the EEF, Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA), Advanced Services Group at Aston University and The Manufacturing Technology Centre, where our MD, Denise Taylor, is an Associate Consultant.

We’re members of the EEF and Cranfield Manufacturing Co-operative and work collaboratively with the Rail Alliance and Midlands Aerospace Alliance.

If you’re an SME interested in finding out more about the range of business support we provide, contact us on 02476 520 025 or email Denise Taylor at