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Why I am exploring PR as a career option

03 March 2017

As a budding journalist, I realised there is a lot of crossover between PR and journalism, and they supplement each other nicely.

I feel I can put my developing journalistic skills into practice as well as improving my knowledge of business marketing and business in general whilst exploring PR.

After doing a little research on local PR firms, I came across Bridge who were very approachable and got back to me quickly.

They really appealed to me because they provide specialist PR for manufacturing, engineering and technology sectors.

I decided to apply because I have always been someone who has championed British industry and was looking for some further experience in the PR sector.

With the country now being in the wake of the Brexit referendum, we need to start promoting our industry and use it as a springboard to make leaving the EU as successful as it can be.

This is where PR is vital:

Business can use firms such as Bridge to promote and market themselves to a large audience.

Whether it be on social media or through press releases to trade magazines and media outlets, Bridge can do it. PR gets business exposure and publicity which ultimately leads to credibility and increased profits.

Whilst a company’s strengths lie in design, production and manufacturing, Bridge will deal with the publicity and marketing in a diligent and efficient manger, with your input, to allow you to do what you do best.

I would strongly recommend manufacturers and engineers to seriously consider investing in good quality PR in order to grow the business through an increased client base and raising its profile.  

Getting down to work:

During my time at the friendly office in beautiful rural Warwickshire, I was given a variety of tasks to experience first-hand what working in PR is like.

One of my main tasks was to do work for client’s social media profile's.

This involved collating news coverage that Bridge had helped secure, industry developments and news relating the client’s sector along with website plugs.

I also did some blogging for a client, linking sport with renewables which I found incredibly interesting.

As one of the roles of a PR firm is to publicise the work of clients, press releases are distributed to a variety of trade magazines and media outlets which I assisted with.

Distribution was something I found fairly easy because of my journalism experience but it is always good to keep skills up to date.

It almost goes without saying but if you do want a career in PR or journalism then good communication is absolutely vital - If you don’t want to pick up the phone then perhaps these are not the careers for you!

Bridge were getting a large-scale advertising campaign underway for client and it was fascinating to see how they went about this, in terms of approaching media outlets and their advertising departments.

Based on my experience, anyone who is considering a career in PR or journalism, work experience is essential.

If you like writing, are creative and enjoy meeting people then this could be the career for you!

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