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How companies in renewable tech can raise their profile in a competitive market

24 August 2018

With an ever-increasing awareness of climate change and threats to the environment that will affect all aspects of our lives – including business - we are urging companies in the supply chain in this sector to embrace marketing technologies as well as their renewable technologies to raise their profile. 

The energy sector has seen massive investment in renewable energy sources such as offshore and onshore wind power, solar power along with new sources such as wave power and biomass.  In the period 2010-2013, UK investment in renewables was £29 billion. Currently over 20% of the UK’s energy supply comes from renewable sources such as offshore wind power and this figure will probably rise to 30% by 2020.

Renewable energy has the potential to transform the entire landscape of UK industry. By weaning Britain off non-renewables such as oil and gas, renewable energy will futureproof our energy supply against possible crises such as natural disasters and supply shortages.  Renewables like wind and wave power are environmentally friendly and don’t contribute to climate change as they don’t generate CO2 emissions.  Solar power could potentially slash the electricity bill of the average UK business.  Solar panels could be put on the roofs of factories and company offices, generating electricity directly in an environmentally friendly way and reducing overheads.

This offers huge opportunities for any business in renewable tech, but far too many in this sector are largely invisible – that old adage of being “the best kept secret”. We’re talking here about all those component manufacturers that make all manner of parts and equipment that are largely unseen and unknown. We all marvel at the wonders of wind farms, and, to many, these massive structures are things of beauty, but do we understand what goes into building wind turbines? The fact is, each sleek and powerful wind turbine simply wouldn’t exist without the sum of all its component parts. 

One example of a business in the power generation sector is our client, Boltight, which is part of the larger Nord-Lock group. The group provides bolt tightening and expanding products and solutions across the whole power generation industry. Their recent white paper: Power Generation from Wave to Wind: Creating Tension and Maintaining it, offers an in-depth look at the industry and highlights the opportunities for renewable tech companies. To raise the profile of their business, Boltight produced the white paper as part of a broader campaign that is currently being rolled out digitally and in the media.

Bridge PR and Media is perfectly placed to help companies in the renewable energy sector to become more visible and to reach their audiences. With our experience in manufacturing and engineering sectors as well as software in the energy sector we have a good feel for what companies need to do in order to generate real world business through strategic marketing. 

If you think you could benefit from marketing consultancy, planning or content creation and implementation (or all of these) then get in touch either over the phone on 024 7652 0025 or via email at

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