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My Work Experience - Georgie Lane

28 September 2018

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt throughout my time job hunting in the PR world, it’s that experience is your best friend.

I approached Bridge PR after searching for some local agencies and I quickly received a response from Denise. After a brief phone call introducing myself and where I was in my career, Denise kindly offered me two weeks with them at their office in Warwickshire. As Bridge specialise in manufacturing and engineering (areas in which I have absolutely no knowledge or experience) I was apprehensive about my abilities to be of use to them, but I knew any experience would be beneficial to me, so I went in with an open mind.

After obtaining a basic understanding into each of Bridge’s clients, I was able to be involved in a lot of the everyday tasks Bridge carry out, such as research, social media, assisting in an e-book brief and the early stages of proofing client content. I realised soon on that as Bridge work with B2B clients, my tone of writing would have to be adapted. This was something I had to familiarise myself with as university and other work experience I had dealt predominantly with B2C clients; however, I also wrote a blog post for the agency website where I could exercise a writing style I was more familiar with.

I attended client meetings, which developed my understanding into the communication between agency and client, as well as having the opportunity to have a day out of the office and attend the TCT Show with Bridge. This was my first visit to a trade exhibition and allowed me to experience the way in which they networked with their clients (plus potential new ones), together with helping me to understand some of the work within manufacturing by seeing some of the machines and processes first hand.

During my time with Bridge and spending a lot of time with Ellie, my experience has taught me how important it is to know your client and their products, after all, how can you expect to deliver capturing content and communicate with their audiences without truly understanding the ethos of the business? It surprised both Ellie and I how much information she knew about Bridge’s clients and the industries they work in, and it was encouraging to know that she had also started with Bridge in a similar situation to me, with little to no understanding of manufacturing.

I’ll be leaving this work experience with a greater knowledge of how to work with B2B clients, from a PR point of view, and a lot more insight into how manufacturing and other industries operate.

If there’s one bit of advice I would give to someone wishing to pursue a career in PR, it’s to seek out and accept as much experience as you can. Even if the opportunity isn’t in an area you know much about or are even interested in, the experience will help make you a well-rounded practitioner and the people you meet throughout your journey will almost certainly be useful one day.

I want to thank Bridge PR for giving me the opportunity to work with them and the invaluable experience it has provided me with, I have no doubt that it will benefit me and my future career in PR, whatever industry I end up in.


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