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My work experience - Billy Powis

10 July 2019

Throughout the entirety of being in secondary school, I have always felt that the job I desired most was in journalism. I have always enjoyed English and writing, so when I had to book my work experience placement for my first year of 6th form I wanted it to be related to what I wanted to do, not just any old job to fill in the week.

After e-mailing a few different local newspaper outlets and getting nothing in response, I turned to my careers advisor and she suggested that I go to Bridge PR. Whilst I was aware that PR stood for public relations, I wasn’t entirely sure what it actually entailed, and even after researching it I was still a little hazy as to what the role of PR was. And as for the aspect of engineering, manufacturing and technology, which Bridge specialises in - I had to admit I wasn’t exactly an expert; however, my worries were cast away.

On my first day, I was greeted warmly and then tasked to research what it is that Bridge does in greater detail, as well as being given the time to research key features of 21st century manufacturing. Doing this and looking at specific case studies allowed me to develop an understanding of what Bridge does as well as a general outlook on modern manufacturing, technology and engineering. This showed me how important it was to promote your business the right way on a multitude of platforms and the pivotal role that PR plays for any company.

I was then asked to produce social media posts for a company who had recently won a prestigious national award. Despite my little experience, Ellie (an account manager at Bridge), explained to me how I should go about the task, whilst still allowing me to complete it independently, and I was comfortable typing up drafts for the various social media platforms. A lot of companies would just make the ‘kid on work experience’ make cups of tea and sit in a corner, but at Bridge PR I have been fully submersed into everything that goes on, which is exactly what you need on a work experience.  

I completed various other tasks after that, including completing more social media for a different client, going to a meeting with an existing client about how they should manage the social media and promotional side of their business. I attended a meeting about designing a company’s website layout and learnt about the process of selling in a press release. I also helped to update their CRM system with reason contacts the team had made. I was talked through any tasks that were completed by the Bridge team so that I didn’t miss out on anything.

I was sceptical, as everyone is, that I would not be involved throughout the duration of the week but that was far from the case. I also experienced what it is like to be in a busy working environment. Bridge usually has a small team in the office and a larger number of writers and journalists based outside of the office. As a result, working in the office was a dynamic and fast paced experience.

Whilst school can teach you the fundamentals in certain subjects, it cannot replicate experience gained from a real, hardworking business. PR was not necessarily something I thought about going into career wise before this work experience, but the week opened my eyes to what can be a very rewarding career choice. I have learnt how valuable it is to understand your clients both personally and professionally and how communication is the key to everything. This week has shown me that a job in PR involves many different tasks and is a test of many different types of skills, and no two days are the same at Bridge.

As long as there are companies, there will be PR helping them expand, develop and make connections. It is a vibrant industry and Bridge is a perfect example of that.  

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