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My work experience - Lara Thompson and Milan Ritter

12 July 2019

When searching for a place to be doing our work experience, we weren't sure which sector of business we wanted to get a better understanding of. After sending multiple emails to estate agents and PR businesses, to which we didn't get a response, it made us wonder if any PR and Marketing business wanted two 15 year olds for a week doing tasks they had no idea about. But isn't that the reason to be getting the experience in the first place?

After speaking to our career advisor and work experience coordinator, we were able to get assistance on where else to look and we found Bridge PR in Wolston near Coventry.

Bridge specialises in PR and marketing for manufacturing and engineering companies and we were not familiar with these industries, however, this made the experience more challenging and rewarding.

Bridge expanded our knowledge on the use of social media in business to business marketing; on day one we were tasked with researching business conventions related to manufacturing and engineering and some of Bridge’s most active clients. We used this research to draft together Twitter and LinkedIn posts for specifically AE Aerospace (who provide precision machined components) and CHH CoNeX (who offer cable assembly, design and manufacture services) and just after just two days of working here, we had confirmation that CHH CoNeX were willing to use our material on their official company account which felt very rewarding.

We were also encouraged to set up LinkedIn accounts. Lara really took this on board and has written a mini case study on her experience to encourage other young people to access LinkedIn.


Lara’s LinkedIn Experience

This week I have also been introduced to LinkedIn which is a platform that opens opportunities for work and builds connections with people from different business around the world. I have been using it to make my CV available online as this shows companies the experience I already have. I have also personalised my profile to show my character – I have learnt that this is a big factor when companies are looking to hire someone. Attitude in the workplace is very important and so putting all my information on my profile gives businesses a better understanding of who I am as a potential employee. I also started to build connections with Bridge’s clients and have had many messages from people welcoming me to LinkedIn and giving me a brief explanation as to what they do for work. This has given me a better understanding of different sectors of business I could work in and more specifically the different roles there are in a company, from engineer and managing director to procurement officer and a research lab technician.

I would really encourage more young people to get on LinkedIn so that they can take a step into the world of work and get a better understanding of the opportunities that are out there. I think schools should include some lessons on the platform reinforcing how important it is to create a professional profile for later in life.


Just after finishing the social media task we were introduced to Bridge's Graphic Designer, Rebecca, who showed us the drafting process of creating a pop-up banner using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. This taught us about the importance of everything from colour co-ordination, image positioning and impactful brand messaging.

To expand our understanding of Bridge's clients, we had to learn what Industry 4.0 is. This was difficult to grasp but after some in-depth research, we were able to understand the benefits of using AI in a manufacturing setting. One example of this being; it passes information to other machines which keeps all the data safely stored digitally, rather than in a folder in someone's office cabinet.

One of our main tasks was to write a blog about how Industry 4.0 relates to a client of our choice, we chose AE Aerospace because we both had a better understanding of aerospace from previous tasks. Throughout the research process not only did we discover the importance of what this company does, but we also managed to complete the task before the deadline which felt much more rewarding than in school.

We want to give a huge thankyou to Ellie, Denise and Rebecca for showing us different aspects of what Bridge does and it was a pleasure to spend the week with them. It was a challenge but it was an experience that definitely taught us the essentials of PR. Personally we believe that even if you aren’t interested in the concept of B2B marketing Bridge is still an amazing company that will teach you lots about marketing and PR in general and therefore an amazing area to get your teeth into and we can't wait to see what path it will open for us in the future.


Thank you Bridge.

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