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Stop hiding your light under a bushel!

15 August 2019

We hear it all of the time from businesses, ‘We can’t publicise our new contract’, ‘There’s no way we can give the name of our new client away’, ‘We can say we’ve got the deal, but we can’t say anything else…

Are you guilty of this?

If you are, then we can categorically tell you, you aren’t the only one. Unfortunately, lots of businesses automatically think this way.


It’s best to say nothing (or is it?)

We’ve lost count of the amount of times a client’s shared a gem of a PR story with us and then told us in the same breath that we can write a press release about it, but we can’t mention any company names, include any customer quotes or give too much away about the details of the project at hand. This leaves us with very little to write about, if anything at all…..the words ‘puff’ and ‘smoke’ spring to mind right now….

Don’t get us wrong, we know why companies act this way. They do it because they undoubtedly want to protect their existence, keep hold of their existing customers and do repeat business with their new customers. They want, like all businesses, to succeed. They want to do better than the competition.

But at what cost?


Keeping quiet isn’t always the answer…

You see, while business owners may automatically shut down the concept of shouting about notable contracts and new client wins for fear of their competitors finding out and stealing their business, keeping schtum can actually have the opposite effect.

Because by keeping schtum, you’re not showing others, outside of your organisation and your immediate industry working circle, just how great you are. You and your employees know all about your market-leading capabilities, but can you say the same about the rest of your sector and beyond?

We think not.

Keeping schtum may seem like the sensible option. If you don’t divulge too much, then your competitors can’t cotton on to your latest product/service developments or latest client wins - sensible move. But it also means your potential customers aren’t aware of who you are and (may we hasten to add) so they may not choose you over the competition who, come to mention it, are shouting about themselves and what they’re all about.

See what we mean?


You can still keep hold of your crown jewels

It’s good to share, but you don’t have to give everything away. There are a number of ways of divulging key information that demonstrate your services in action and, more importantly, the results you achieve and the benefits to your customers. This is often more than enough. And, if you happen to be working for a brand that everybody’s heard of, then it’d be a real shame not to tell the world about it (providing you’ve obtained their permission beforehand).

Don’t give away your crown jewels, but do give your business a voice and a profile that makes people choose you over your competitors, simply by sharing a few carefully chosen details that showcase your capabilities, convey your values as a business, and choosing topics that have relevance and resonate with your target audiences.


If you want to elevate your profile over the competition without worrying they’re going to pinch your business, we can help. Contact us today on 02476 520 025.

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