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5 ways to supercharge your LinkedIn profile

02 October 2019 by Bridge PR

LinkedIn’s been around for a while now (17 years to be precise), but you’d be amazed at just how many bad profiles there are out there. Well, we certainly are.

LinkedIn was launched as a digital platform for professionals, and while it may have evolved from being a recruitment to a social networking platform, it’s still very much a business-orientated space.


The power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s an incredibly powerful space and has been, and continues to be, an invaluable sales and marketing tool for businesses worldwide because it:


  1. Helps to build and foster strong business relationships – 40% of monthly active users reportedly use LinkedIn daily.
  2. Showcases your business and what it does.
  3. Demonstrates the expertise of individuals within your company (or you personally).
  4. Is a valuable research tool for finding information about customers, prospects and suppliers (there are currently more than 500 million members).
  5. Increases the visibility of your business in online searches.


Given LinkedIn’s huge potential it really pains us to see bad profiles popping up on our screens. By ‘bad profiles’ we mean incomplete accounts and informal profiles that look better suited to being on the likes of Facebook rather than LinkedIn.


It’s no secret that the best, most successful LinkedIn profiles have been completed with care and attention, with considerable thought being given to how the end result is representing the individual or company concerned.


Stand out from the crowd

Your LinkedIn profile is, in essence, a professional digital billboard to the world about who you are and your capabilities, and if you want to shine and make the right connections, it’s important you get it right, starting with your profile.

We talk to businesses week in, week out about their LinkedIn profiles and even provide them with the expert advice and support they need to get theirs 100% right via one-to-one workshops. Here are just a few of the tips we share to help them boost their profiles and online presence.


5 ways to supercharge your profile:

1. Perfect your profile pic – make sure it’s clear, against a clear background and is a professional shot. People do business with people they trust, does your image convey this and do you look approachable? If you can, get this shot professionally taken, it’ll pay dividends in the long-run. Also bear this stat in mind too – LinkedIn profiles with photos get 21x more views and 36x more messages, so don’t underestimate its value!

2.  Don’t neglect your banner – after your profile pic, this is the next visual piece of content that people tend to look at next. It should be simple and clean in design and convey a positive, professional image of you/your company/the company you work for.


3. Make your job title count – don’t just state your job title, use this space to tell people a little bit more about you, what you do, and if appropriate, what this means for your customers or audience.


4. Give your intro some thought – this is undoubtedly one of the sections that people pay the most attention to, so make sure what you’ve written is what you want people to know and remember you for. It’s essentially an overview of your key capabilities and achievements.


5. SEO-optimise your profile – Google loves LinkedIn so, where possible, try to incorporate relevant keywords and phrases into your profile copy, but only where they sound natural. As with writing all digital copy, don’t force them in, as they will stick out like sore thumb and put people off reading what you have to say.


In recent years, LinkedIn has evolved into a powerful force of its own. According to recent stats, 260million users log in every month, 61million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers plus, LinkedIn is the most-used social media platform among Fortune 500 companies. If you haven’t supercharged your profile, it’s best to do it now.

If you have any queries or think you would benefit from receiving practical advice and guidance on improving your LinkedIn presence by booking one of our workshops, contact us on 02476 520 025.

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