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Break Through is a programme that has been designed to help young people in the Midlands increase their future prospects. Working in partnership with our client Crimson Limited, we have designed modular programme aimed at increasing the knowledge, skills and experience of participants.

Who Will Benefit?

Break Through is aimed at young people who are either about to leave school or who have left school in the past two years, and who are in the age range 15 to 18 years of age. 

Young people in this age group have seen their prospects decrease in the past five years, and this age group now makes up a significant percentage of those who are unemployed in the UK. If a young person is also no longer in education, they are categorised as a NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training).  

On the other side of this coin, many employers in the Midlands, particularly in manufacturing, engineering and IT, are continually reporting a skils shortage that is adversely affecting their businesses. The key question is: How can we bridge this gap?  

For a lot of young people, their horizons may have been limited. We want to unlock their potential and encourage our participants to imagine bigger, and then work out what steps they need to take to achieve a better future for themselves. 

What Will Participants Learn?

Each programme of between will comprise five modules, and will begin with an outdoor module, where participants will focus on team-building activities. They will spend the day in a woodland space where they will set up a camp, build and maintain a camp fire, and source and prepare food. Good communication is an essential aspect of this first day as they navigate their way to the site itself, and then work together to prepare the camp for the day's activities. Once everything is set up, participants will then take part in a series of games and activities that wiil get them thinking about their future, and what skills they already have that will impress a prospective employer. It's amazing how many skills young people possess, but often they don't recognise this. We will help them to draw these skills out, which in turn, will increase their confidence. 

Over the course of the next four modules, participants will learn about setting goals and communicating their aspirations. They will learn how to craft a CV that will make prospective employers take notice, how to tell their unique stories, and how to perform well at interviews. There will also be continued focus on the development of good communications skills, and participants can increase their prospects by paying attention to their personal presentation.

The modules will use experiential learning through games and activities to increase the knowledge and skills of young people, making the programme fun, engaging and transforming.

How Can Local Businesses Get Involved?

As part of the programme, both Bridge and Crimson will be liaising with local businesses, their own clients and suppliers, and business and academic networks to explore potential opportunities for both young people and for the companies themselves. Although we're not offering a full blown recruitment matching service, if we spot a good match between a promising young person and a job opportunity with a local company, then we will put them both in touch. 

If you are a local company looking for apprentices, then please do get in touch with us either by email or by telephoning 024 7652 0025.

If you are a young person and want to take part in the programme, simply click the link belowto download our registration form. Then complete it and email it to with Break Through in the subject area.

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