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Bridge produces white paper on renewable energy sector to underpin Boltight’s digital media campaign

Boltight case study

Whitepapers are the perfect tool to associate authority and credibility with your company. Bridge has a long history of working with expert writers in a range of sectors to get under the skin of issues within specific industries. So, when Boltight came to us with a request for a whitepaper on the power and energy industries we knew exactly what to do.

Bridge worked with an expert writer and engaged in in-depth research to fully understand the topic and worked with a designer to produce the whitepaper. Boltight then used the whitepaper to underpin a digital marketing campaign and Bridge used the content for press releases and media relations. 


To write and produce an educational and authoritative whitepaper on the power gen and energy industries in relation to bolt tensioning. 

To use the whitepaper to build a relationship with the key media outlets in the industry.

To showcase the capabilities and expertise of Boltight through the marketing content produced.


Results and benefits:

The whitepaper was so well received by the client that it led to more work for Bridge from Boltight and the Nord-Lock Group as a whole.

The whitepaper gained media coverage in target publications and has led to further coverage since the campaign has finished.

The whitepaper was the cornerstone of Boltight's digital marketing campaign.


Download PDF case study.

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