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Telling the right stories for maximum press exposure

K3 Syspro case study

It is a philosophy at Bridge that all companies have lots of stories to tell and what may seem a simple piece of information can become a really interesting and newsworthy story, if written and delivered in the right way.

Bridge has been working with leading ERP provider K3 Syspro for over 15 years and over that time has helped the business  become a global leader in providing next-generation enterprise software for businesses in the retail, manufacturing and distribution sectors, through working strategically with its marketing team. The company always has lots of stories to tell about its own ERP software and the work the company is doing to make ERP more accessible to end users. As a market leader, K3 Syspro signs new orders with companies all the time and what might seem like a simple purchase agreement is always a lot more interesting than that.


  • To raise awareness of K3 Syspro and its ERP products and support services with consistent trade press coverage.
  • Demonstrate the features and benefits of K3 Syspro’s products and services in an unbiased manner.
  • Position K3 Syspro as a thought leader within UK and European manufacturing as a company that is delivering effective solutions. to many problems experienced by manufacturers.

Results and benefits:

  • Average press coverage of over £13,000 (AVE) over a six month period.
  • Consistent media coverage and thought leadership for over a decade.


Download PDF Case Study.

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