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Supply Chain PR

If you supply products and services to manufacturing and engineering sectors including logistics, warehouse management, technology, professional services, then talk to us about PR.

Walk down any high street in any town, and you will see the supply chain in operation from the businesses that deliver the goods to the shops and increasingly these days directly to consumers' doors to a whole raft of services companies operating in that chain. Technology drives the cash tills, inventory and tracking delivery, professional services firms keep the businesses operational,  manufacturers make the goods that consumers buy and, of course, logistics companies keep those goods moving from factory gate to shop shelves and into consumers's homes. 

If your business is anywhere on that chain, it will no doubt be an important link. But do your audiences along that chain really know who you are and what your business is about? Do your customers and prospects know all about your products and services. And what about your own suppliers? You are all links that make the whole system function.

If you are helping to keep the world turning with your supply chain services, then you will probably want to let your audiences know about it. Which is where we come in. We have many years' experience and expertise helping our clients' supply chain businesses raise their profile and increase their brand presence. And with the rapid changes taking place in manufacturing, which is having a domino effect on the supply chain, this is more important now than ever before.

We can help you to increase your visibility in that chain and help you to show you are a strong link. We achieve this by working with you to create and deliver campaigns to your trade press and across your different media channel