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You want great results from your marketing communications campaigns. You want to reach your target audiences and truly engage and excite them. But great PR doesn't just magically happen, it involves a great deal of thought and planning, as well as drawing on our many years writing and media expertise to produce business stories that convey what your company is all about.

Our unique Seven Cs approach means that every step of your marketing communications process is carefully considered so that you get the most out of your media campaigns from conceptualisation through to controlling and monitoring the results.


We work closely with you to fully understand your business and what makes it unique. This makes conceptualising campaigns easier, but, more importantly, it means that we can help you to convey your company’s key messages and core values to your target audiences.

We have a highly creative team at your disposal for conceptualising campaigns, with the real magic happening when this is a joint effort.  By understanding your business in some depth, we become part of your team, and our passion for your business will really shine through in the great content we produce for you.

Generating Great Content

Every business has great stories to tell no matter what industry sector it’s in. We often hear from our clients that not much has been happening, but after a coffee and a chat, great stories start flowing.  At Bridge, we take our commitment to your business one step further and because we believe in your products and services, we are always on the look out for great story ideas by monitoring what is happening in your sector. Stories can come from anywhere. We help you to unearth the real gems, and then turn this into great press releases, case studies, blogs, or other marketing materials. We are experts in content marketing and crafting content for the different media channels.

Creativity Counts

Being creative takes time and attention. And it doesn't just switch off at 5.00 pm. We are constantly thinking creatively about our clients' campaigns, and we draw our inspiration from a wide range of activities, both in and out of the office. Ideas can spring to mind in the most unlikeliest of places and at different times of the day. Yes, we do have the usual creative brainstorming sessions, but because we are so passionate about our clients' businesses, we are constantly looking for PR opportunities. And we also like to share these with you too so that you can be part of the creative process with us.

Cohesive Campaigns

Creativity in marketing campaigns is a given. But what is often overlooked is the cohesion that is needed for campaigns to be really effective.  We take the time to ask the key questions about whether the campaign is aligned with your company’s core values, your key messages and the potential perception of your target audiences. There is nothing worse than a scatter gun approach that is difficult to measure and which doesn’t achieve its aims and objectives. We make sure that your marketing communications campaigns resonate with all your marketing activity, and convey the common themes effectively by taking a highly target approach.

Collateral that Makes a Difference

Over time, the creation of great content will steadily build a strong portfolio of marketing collateral. Content that you can use across multiple channels. This helps enormously with your Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, where content really is king. Search engines love fresh, interesting, and informative copy, and it will definitely improve your ranking.  If it's also entertaining that's a bonus, but that will depend on the type of campaign you delivering. There's no end of content and copy that you can add to your website and digital channels including press releases, case studies, regular blogs, feature articles, whitepapers, social media content, infographics, videos, images, e-brochures and e-books. It all counts - quite literally.

Communicating to your Channels

Successful PR and marketing is a lot more than simply writing and sending out news to the media. You need to use your press release content to reach as many customers and prospects as possible. And because we consume media in so many different ways these days, you need to reach out to them across a range of different channels including regional and national newspapers, trade press, digital channels and websites, broadcast media and social media channels. We work with you to select the most appropriate channels that are relevant to your business, and more importantly, that are relevant to your target audiences.

Control and Measurement

Public relations is no longer a dark art. Technology means that most PR activity can now be monitored, measured and evaluated. You want to make sure that your marketing communications budget is being well spent and that you are getting value for money.  Our specially designed marketing communicationss plans and content calendars mean that you can track and measure all your marketing activity. And as part of your retained contract with us, we will also provide you with detailed monthly reports so that you can measure your Return on Investment.