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Digital and Social

Your business can no longer afford to ignore digital and social media channels as a way of raising your company's profile and establishing you as a thought leader.  Your target media are all proactively using Twitter, LinkedIn and other digital channels, and you can bet your competitors are too.  Don't get left behind.

Many trade press and business magazines also have daily or weekly bulletins and newsletters that they send out to their subscribers.  We understand the digital media world, and we work hard to get your stories the best digital exposure in the right channels.

The two main barriers to companies not using digital and social media is a lack of knowledge, and a lack of time.  Our services overcome both of these by offering you a tailored approach to your social media marketing. 

Digital Media Content

Blog Posts

Managing a regular blog is another great way of demonstrating your industry expertise as well as providing content that is informative and entertaining that can be shared with your target audiences. 

These days SEO is all about fresh, new content and by hosting a blog on your website and posting regular content, you are giving Google something new to scan on a regular basis, to boost your website up its search rankings. Talk to us about planning and writing your blog posts. We can either guide you with writing your own blog posts or we can produce them for you.

LinkedIn articles

LinkedIn continually updates its features and functionality, and it's also one of the platforms that ranks very highly in search engines, especially Google. Posting regular informative and educational content using the Pulse feature will quickly establish your expertise with your audiences, enhance your credibility and reputation and foster trust. These days, most people will check your company website first, but their second visit is likely to be to your LinkedIn profile. Why not give them reasons to keep visiting with articles that resonate.


Are you keeping in regular contact with your customers and prospects? Providing them with newsworthy content about industry trends and information is a great way to maintain visibility and also present the human side of your business. Newsletters, whether they are printed or digital, also help to keep your name in the vision of your contacts.

External newsletters to lapsed clients, or eshots to new datalists can introduce prospects to your company, engage with them on a one-to-one basis and inform them of your own products and services, and any recent changes in your business. We are also able to  measure and evaluate the success of your e-marketing; open rates, bouncebacks, clikthroughs and other relevant information, which can help you keep you datalists organically clean.

Social Media Support

Every business needs to have a digital and social presence in today's competitive markets. You need to be visible and checking your online presence is one of the first things a prospect will do to evaluate your crediblity and reputation. 

Having a digital and social presence doesn't have to take huge chunks of your time or budget either. It's more important to have quality content that resonates with your audiences and to be consistent.

We can help you to establish and maintain your online visibility in a number of ways. We can train and mentor your own teams and upskill them so that you can keep everything in-house. We offer a range of workshops and one-to-one consultancy support for this, and you may be eligible for funding to help with the costs if you are an SME. Simply ask us about our packages for this. We can also help you to run and manage your digital and social media by producing content and scheduling this for you regularly as part of your marketing campaigns. Remember, it's consistency and quality that counts, and you can achieve this with our support.